At FERDEL, we have excelled for 40+ years by constant innovation, rebranding & evolution as a business. We’ve earned it by providing our customer the one thing our larger competitors can’t, the best service in the game and a dedicated team sourcing products that are practical and exciting to consumers…… click here to see our Trending Products

Become the Place People Choose!

Whether you are a restaurant, a supermarket, a retail store or simply a small neighborhood grocery shop, we can provide the level of service AND all the goods that you need. When you buy from us, you separate yourself from your competitors by offering what the market demands “Variety” You now become the place people choose to go to above others.


3730 W. 38th Street
Chicago, Illinois
60632, USA 
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Mon – Fri: 6am-6p

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We specialize and provide…

Health & Beauty, Food, Frozen Goods & Housewares. Everybody buys it and It’s sold everywhere. Ferdel Promotions has been in the game for 4 decades. The goods we could provide for your business go above and beyond our competitors and will help you go above and beyond your competitors, back by a customer-centric team with industry-leading service. 

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Key to YOUR Success

Ensuring that the goods we provide are affordable, long-lasting and match up to, or exceed, industry standards. We genuinely CARE about you as our client, our customer, and our PARTNER

Latest Consumer Goods

The fact is that we have mastered the art of endless relevancy and efficiency through up-to-date research and investigation into the latest ranges of consumer goods: whether those might involve sleek and contemporary kitchenware, modern health and beauty products or high-quality groceries, frozen food and beverages for all types of dietary and nutritional needs.

Quality Control

Our quality control has led to endless customer satisfaction and a continuous stream of satisfied clients.  We know you provide that to your customers you deserve that from your vendors. PERIOD!

Considerate Customer Service

We deliver caring and considerate customer service, which is how and why we have gained our current reputation and managed to remain a profitable, industry-leading business decades now and down the line.

40+ years of service

We haven’t excelled so many years by just consistent innovation, rebranding or evolution as a business. We’ve earned it by providing our customer the one thing our larger competitors can’t the best service in the game!