Pure Coffee Espresso Cafe La LLave 12/8.8 oz wholesale distributor Chicago.

Cafe La LLave Espresso Coffee Brick 12/8.8 oz

100% Pure Coffee Espresso Brick (Cafe La LLave): Creating an authentic cafecito requires much more than just passion. It takes a dedication to tradition and a deep understanding of coffee-roasting techniques that have been honed over 143 years. At Café La Llave, our coffee is specifically roasted to embody the classic Latin flavor that has been enjoyed by Latin coffee drinkers for generations. Our tradition of coffee-making dates back to Cuba and our dedication to preserving the flavor profile that is beloved by our community. When you sip on a cafecito from Café La Llave, you can taste the family tradition in every sip.

  • Case 12/8.8 oz

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