Tadin Tea Boldo 6/24’s, 1.18 oz

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Boldo Tea (Tadin): is a practical method to infuse the millenary boldo tree’s tradition and strength into your life. The advantages of this plant, which has been part of traditional practices for thousands of years and is grown in the gorgeous Andes Mountains of South America, are now within reach. Boldo tea flowers from Tadin, with a slightly bitter flavor and a green scent. (There are 24 tea bags in the box.)

  • Case: 6/24’s, 1.18 oz
  • FLAVOR AND AROMA NOTES: Tadin’s Boldo Herbal Tea blossoms with a slightly bitter taste and green aroma.
  • COMFORTING TEA: Boldo tea is a practical way to incorporate the tradition and fortitude of the millenary boldo tree into your life. Grown in the majestic Andes Mountains of South America, the benefits of this herb has been part of indigenous customs for thousands of years is within reach.
  • WELLNESS STARTS WITHIN: Tadin sources the finest herbs and spices from around the globe. Treat yourself to a cup of Tadin tea and Add Flavor to Your Health.
  • SINGLE LEAF TEA: Boldo Herbal Tea is caffeine-free and contains one single ingredient, boldo leaf.
  • EASY TO BREW: First, bring water to a boil. Second, pour the hot water over 1-2 tea bags. Third, cover with a lid and let it steep for 5-10 minutes. Fourth, gently squeeze out herbal goodness from your tea bags. Lastly, compost your tea bags and enjoy!

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  1. icereyk

    Ancient remedy tea really good try it out

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    Thank you team for the great service.

  3. naiatown

    Big benefits packed with unique flavor. Glad I found it

  4. bbbtrade

    Official best tea for our sales, recommend