Tadin Tea Lemon-Ginger 6/24’s, 1.19 oz

Tea Lemon-Ginger, Te de Limon y Jengibre (Tadin Teas): A powerhouse of zesty elements has been introduced to ginger root ginger! Spicy ginger, crisp lemongrass, and lemon peel combine to create a blend that amplifies to give you caffeine-free energy. Enjoy this tea at any time of day to wake up your senses with some herbal zing. With aromas of powerful ginger and pleasantly crisp lemongrass, Tadin’s Lemon Ginger Tea blooms. (There are 24 tea bags in the box.)

  • Case: 6/24’s, 1.19 oz
  • Supports: Digestive, Immunity & Respiratory, No Caffeine

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1000 in stock