Tadin Tea Turmeric 6/24’s, 1.27 oz

Turmeric Tea – Te de Curcuma (Tadin): Turmeric & ginger, as well as other herbs, have been combined to provide a potent support that will help you feel strong and nourished. When ingested as food or tea, the warming turmeric root and spicy ginger root have a long history of enhancing physical life and vigor. This tea, which is naturally caffeine-free but invigorating, will help you feel powerful and lively at any time of day. Tadin’s Turmeric Tea Blend has a pleasant and warm aroma with robust flavors of spicy ginger and turmeric. (There are 24 tea bags in the box.)

  • Case: 6/24’s, 1.27 oz
  • Supports: No Caffeine

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