FF, Veg Mazorca de Maíz-Corn on Cob 12/4 pk (SEM)

Maíz en mazorca congelado, Frozen Corn on Cob (El Sembrador): a delicious and convenient addition to any meal! Our corn on cob is picked at the peak of ripeness and frozen to lock in all of its natural sweetness and flavor. It’s a great way to add a pop of color and flavor to your dishes without the hassle of fresh corn.

Our corn on cob is perfect for restaurants, catering companies, and any other wholesale businesses looking to add a fresh twist to their menu. It’s quick and easy to prepare – simply steam or boil for a few minutes and it’s ready to serve. Plus, it’s a healthier alternative to canned or processed corn, with no additives or preservatives.

  • Case of 12/4 Pack
  • Maíz en mazorca

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