Soda, Inca Kola Cans 12/12 oz

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Inca Kola Cans, The Golden Kola: Grab an iced cold Inca Kola and immerse yourself into a micro Vacation. The explosion of flavor is so unique that everyone that tastes Inca Kola gets a different flavor from it. Try one today and tell us what flavor it is for you.

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1000 in stock

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  1. christianchile

    Muy buen vendedor, a la gente le encanta en mi restaurante.

  2. nancysasco11

    Very unique flavor, have to try! Great service cant say enough about them.

  3. perusouth

    Una necesidad en nuestro restaurante. Gran mayorista, siempre buenos precios y servicio.

  4. deloressz

    Great drink, un like any other soda.

  5. debreeze

    Great service, recommend seller.

  6. @saidkky

    Uno de los refrescos con mejor sabor, no muy conocido aquí. El vendedor tiene muchos productos.

  7. wadejjose

    Flavorful soda with a sweet, golden color and a light, citrusy taste. It is worth a try. They don’t deliver to my areA.

  8. jazminejjc

    Great taste, Try it freezing cold tast better that way.

  9. Opop

    Recommend seller, good Reputation for a reason